Our Services
  • Repairing of CNC Machines, Fully Automatic printing machines.
  • Repairing of Printing Machines, Electronic Units like (CNC cards, Interface cards, PLC Units, Power Supply units, XYZ motor driver cards, Speed Control Units, Servo drives, SFU units) and Electronic Instruments (DTC, Pressure controllers, various parameter Sensors / Controllers.)
  • Resource for printing Machine parts like LIDA SCALE, SONY SCALE, ENCODERS, Position feed back devices. We can give very good price which no one can offer you.
  • Repairing of servo motors, XYZ axis motors, Spindle Motors, Spindle Coils (All type of spindle coils)
  • Reengineering of your required electronic cards.
  • Spares for printing machines like, Squeeze assemblies, Frames, gripper units, cylinders, pressure boot units, Pin Bushes, Child assembly units for various printing machines.
  • Solenoid (Air) Valves and their coils for Printing machines.
  • Used Printing machines, used Printing Equipments (Cugher Italy, Spasia, SPS, SPM, ETC)
  • Refurbishing and servicing of machines.
  • Installation of printing systems.
  • AMC for printing Machines (Bangalore Based Support)
  • Spare speed Control units to drive modern Printing Machines.
  • Conversion of AIR BED to LM Guides to save money and for long running of machines without compressed air.
Our products
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